jumps, jumping, jumped
1) VERB If you jump, you bend your knees, push against the ground with your feet, and move quickly upwards into the air.

[V prep/adv] I jumped over the fence...

[V prep/adv] They came into the front hall, stamping their boots and jumping up and down to knock the snow off...

[V n] I'd jumped seventeen feet six in the long jump, which was a school record...

Whoever heard of a basketball player who doesn't need to jump?

Jump is also a noun.

The longest jumps by a man and a woman were witnessed in Sestriere, Italy, yesterday.

2) VERB If you jump from something above the ground, you deliberately push yourself into the air so that you drop towards the ground.

[V prep/adv] He jumped out of a third-floor window...

[V prep/adv] She has jumped from an aeroplane four times...

[V n] I jumped the last six feet down to the deck. [Also V]

3) VERB If you jump something such as a fence, you move quickly up and through the air over or across it.

[V n] He jumped the first fence beautifully.

4) VERB If you jump somewhere, you move there quickly and suddenly.

[V prep/adv] Adam jumped from his seat at the girl's cry...

[V prep/adv] She jumped to her feet and ran downstairs...

[V prep/adv] `I'll do it, Eleanor,' Angus said, jumping up.

5) VERB If something makes you jump, it makes you make a sudden movement because you are frightened or surprised.

The phone shrilled, making her jump.

6) VERB If an amount or level jumps, it suddenly increases or rises by a large amount in a short time.

[V to/from amount] Sales jumped from $94 million to over $101 million...

[V by amount] The number of crimes jumped by ten per cent last year...

[V amount] Shares in Euro Disney jumped 17p.

N-COUNT: with supp, usu N in n
Jump is also a noun.

A big jump in energy conservation could be achieved without much disruption of anyone's standard of living.

7) VERB If someone jumps a queue, they move to the front of it and are served or dealt with before it is their turn. [BRIT]

[V n] The prince refused to jump the queue for treatment at the local hospital.

8) VERB If someone jumps on you or jumps you, they attack you suddenly. [INFORMAL]

[V on n] A week later, the same guys jumped on me on our own front lawn...

[V n] Two guys jumped me with clubs in the carpark.

9) VERB: no cont If you jump at an offer or opportunity, you accept it quickly and eagerly.

[V at n] Members of the public would jump at the chance to become part owners of the corporation.

10) VERB If someone jumps on you, they quickly criticize you if you do something that they do not approve of.

[V on n] A lot of people jumped on me about that, you know.

11) See also , high jump, , queue-jumping, , triple jump
12) PHRASE: V inflects, PHR n If you get a jump on something or someone or get the jump on them, you gain an advantage over them. [AM]

Helicopters helped fire crews get a jump on the blaze...

The idea is to get the jump on him.

13) PHRASE: V inflects If you say that someone is jumping up and down, you mean they are very excited, happy, or angry about something.

I don't think a lot of people will jump up and down and say `thank heavens'...

Everybody still jumps up and down about being rid of tyrants.

14) to jump on the bandwagonsee bandwagon
to jump bailsee bail
to jump to a conclusionsee conclusion
to jump the gunsee gun
to jump for joysee joy
to jump out of one's skinsee skin
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